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"Are you going to run today?" I asked my daughter Sophie, who was the captain of New Canaan Cross Country & Indoor Track.

"Why bother," she said, "it looks like our spring track season most likely will be canceled. I’m just not motivated."

I found myself thinking the same thing when I went for a bike earlier. It took about 30 minutes of me battling myself mentally with negative thoughts. Why still train hard if the Ironman I’m supposed to do is canceled and I have no idea what is going to happen in the coming weeks or months?

Finally...I was able to quiet my mind and those endorphins that we all crave kicked in!

I told Sophie, "I know it’s hard to stay motivated in times like these but you have to run for yourself not because of the circumstances around you."

As I was driving to pick some things up, I saw her running... "That’s my girl!" I shouted to her.

She also had a good run and it changed her mood.

What’s my point? We all have to find our inner motivation in times like these and keep doing what we do.


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