• Bill Curcio

Today’s workout

Full body workout

200 high knees every 50 reps five Burpee‘s

200 mountain climbers every 50 reps five push-ups

100 sit ups every 10 reps 20 crunches

100 squats every 20 reps 10 jump squats


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Today’s workout

Total Body workout 5 min warm-up run Row or run- 10 X 10 seconds sprint/ 10 seconds rest Main set- As fast as possible 5 rounds of: Row or run 300 meters 50 squats 25 crunches 15 Kettle bell swings (


"Are you going to run today?" I asked my daughter Sophie, who was the captain of New Canaan Cross Country & Indoor Track. "Why bother," she said, "it looks like our spring track season most likely wil

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